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CompanyFirst Invests in STANTT Apparel

We are proud to announce that CompanyFirst has made an investment in STANTT.  STANTT is an innovative, growing company in the apparel industry that is disrupting men’s fashion by combining the fit of customized shirts with “off the rack” ease of shopping.  STANTT uses body scan data and proprietary algorithms to create an extended range of sizes (e.g. 99 different sizes of shirts vs. the traditional S / M / L / XL).  By taking just a few simple measurements, the STANTT system matches customers to the STANTT size (either online or at select retailers like Nordstrom, where customers can try on different fits and sizes to find their perfect match).  Once your fit is determined there are a wide variety of fabrics and options, with clothing made-to-order and delivered to the customer in about a week.

The funding round was led by Randa (one of the world’s largest leather accessories makers) and included New England Development (a real estate developer with a focus on retail) in addition to CompanyFirst.  We’ve known the STANTT team for over a year and are very excited to help fuel their next phase of growth!

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