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CompanyFirst Invests in Betr Remedies

Betr Remedies

CompanyFirst is proud to announce an investment in Betr Remedies founded by Livio Bisterzo, Jennifer Simone Hoffman, and Ellen Pompeo. Manufactured in the USA, Betr Remedies contain the exact same FDA-authorized ingredients as leading brands, but they don’t just make you feel better: Every Betr Remedies purchase you make helps keep medications out of landfills and helps get it into the hands of people who need it most. It’s Betr for you, Betr for the environment, and Betr for everyone.

Betr Remedies delivers curated, easy-to-shop over-the-counter medications with a buy-one, give-one component. For every Betr Remedies product sold, the giveback program managed through SIRUM, a national nonprofit that enables healthcare organizations to donate unused medications, helps redistribute perfectly safe, unexpired medication through select charitable pharmacies in underserved communities across the country.

Betr Remedies’s ultimate mission is to help fix a broken industry where one in four Americans can’t afford the medications they need, while¬†$10 billion¬†worth of perfectly good medication ends up in landfills and polluting waterways every year.

Betr Remedies’s product line includes a total of 15 items across pain relief, allergies, digestive issues, and cold and flu symptoms, plus supplements for immunity and hydration. The full assortment of Betr products can be purchased at BetrRemedies.com and nationally at Walmart.

Official launch announcement: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/betr-remedies-announces-new-co-founder-ellen-pompeo-and-its-first-exclusive-national-retail-launch-at-walmart-301419798.html