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CompanyFirst Invests in Yishi Foods

Yishi Foods

CompanyFirst is proud to announce an investment in Yishi Foods (formerly Crave Natural), a purposeful food company founded by Lin Jiang. Inspired by traditional Eastern food wisdom, Yishi is a functional breakfast brand that meets the nutritional and wellness needs of modern consumers. Yishi products aim to support sustained energy, skin health, calmness, and alertness. Yishi is the Chinese word for ritual — nourishing your body with whole, functional foods is more than just routine, it is truly a ceremonious event.

We’ve known Lin since she was working on Yishi (then Crave Natural) as part of the Chicago Booth New Venture Challenge business plan competition. We were blown away by her passion and the progress she made while still an MBA student, and it was no surprise to us when she was a finalist, almost won the competition, and parlayed that experience into a round of capital. Soon Crave Natural was one of the hottest selling breakfast products in Whole Foods, getting rave reviews on Amazon, and available in hundreds of other retail locations across the country.

We are very excited to be investors in Lin and her vision to create better for you, amazing tasting, functional foods!