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CompanyFirst Invests in Cool Beans

Cool Beans 3 SKUs

We are proud to announce that CompanyFirst has made an investment in Cool Beans based in Chicago. Cool Beans brings together mighty nutritious beans with global flavors to create healthy, balanced eating that’s good for you and good karma, too. Cool Beans wraps are made with clean, gluten-free ingredients and are minimally processed. Whether you’re on a journey to reduce your meat intake or don’t eat meat at all, Cool Beans has wrapped up whole-food, plant-based nutrition with legumes, whole grains, and vegetables in one easy-to-make, satisfying package.

Cool Beans was originally launched as a collaboration with Eric Schnell and BeyondBrands, the group known for innovative conscious food and beverage brands including Good Catch Foods and Steaz Tea. We are very excited to help founder and CEO Tyler Mayoras and his team continue to grow this amazing Chicago brand, which is well positioned to meet rising consumer demand for plant-based foods!

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