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Young King

Company: Young King

Category: Current, E-Com / DTC, Kids, Personal Care, Shark Tank

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

As first-time parents to a beautiful baby boy named Kade who had a head full of hair, Cora and Stephan were surprised to discover that there were no clean, natural hair care products specifically designed for curly-headed boys. They realized there was an unfulfilled need and opportunity to reshape the beauty industry (which has traditionally focused on women and girls) by creating unique offerings specifically for Black and Brown boys. Inspired by their son and leveraging their combined 20+ years of corporate experience across marketing and development, in December 2019 they launched Young King Hair Care.

Representation is critically important, which is why what Young King represents is bigger than hair care — Young King seeks to celebrate and acknowledge boys who look like Kade, how they show up in this world each and ever day, and what that means for them.

Young King is on a journey of grooming the next generation of Black and Brown men. What started out as a direct-to-consumer, online only business has spread to retailers nationwide with Young King products now available at Target and Walmart across the United States.

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