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Rhythm Superfoods

Company: Rhythm Superfoods

Category: Food / Bev, Prior

Location: Austin, Texas

Some folks use the term ‘superfood’ as a buzzword, but to Rhythm it means nutrient dense ingredients that are naturally bursting with stuff like vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber. Their food isn’t just ‘less bad’ for you, Rhythm Superfoods are ‘all good.’ Created in Austin, TX, Rhythm Superfoods is a category defining company in the emerging vegetable based snacking category featuring its line of kale chips, broccoli bites, and beet chips.  The Rhythm investment was lead by 301 INC / General Mills.

Rhythm Superfoods was acquired by Mexico-based Sesajal.

Note:  Rhythm Superfoods was an investment made by members of the Consumer Ventures team while at CircleUp.

Rhythm Superfoods Website