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Company: Pacas

Category: Chicago / Midwest, Current, Outdoor / Apparel

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Alpacas. You probably know them from internet memes, as llama-impersonators, or as a favorited Halloween costume among camels and giraffes. But what truly defines these majestic, well-meaning walking hugs? Their wool is unlike any other natural fiber on the planet but there’s a lot more to them than just a comfy coat. Here are a few reasons why these softer-than-a-cloud creatures are so special.

HYPOALLERGENIC: Doesn’t contain lanolin, which is a natural oil that causes allergies
MOISTURE WICKING: Doesn’t absorb ba-a-a-ad moisture, unlike wool
THERMOREGULATING: Alpaca fiber has a hollow core, which insulates heat in the winter and helps keep it cool in the summer
WARMER THAN WOOL: 5x warmer than wool. Take that, sheeple!

Pacas was listed as one of ChicagoInno’s “22 Chicago startups to watch in 2022”…and we couldn’t be more proud to help support this amazing company!

Pacas Website