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Luna Bay

Company: Luna Bay

Category: Chicago / Midwest, Current, Food / Bev

Location: Chicago, IL

Bridget Connelly, Luna Bay Booch Co-Founder and CEO, wanted to create something that combined her passions: brand building, a health-conscious lifestyle, nature, and her intrinsic ability to bring people together. In the summer of 2019, Bridget saw an opportunity in the market and flexed her entrepreneurial spirit to launch Luna Bay Booch. Luna Bay is a hard kombucha brand that is hoping to do things differently. They focus on healthy, organic ingredients and back up their company ethos with commitments like 1% For The Planet.

Hard kombucha is the next emerging category in alcohol. It’s based on tea and added flavors, with sugar that’s fermented by a SCOBY, a colony of yeasts and bacteria to give it a sour flavor, as used also in ginger beers. This creates a low alcohol brew, to which Luna Bay then adds yeast to bring the alcohol by volume up to 6%. Luna Bay is backed by a bevy of experienced CPG and strategic investors. It is one of the fastest growing beverage brands in the Midwest and is now expanding nationwide.

Luna Bay Website