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Company: Criquet

Category: E-Com / DTC, Outdoor / Apparel, Prior

Location: Austin, Texas

Billy Nachman and Hobson Brown set out on a quest to find the perfect shirt.  Guided by memories of their very first collared shirts from early days in prep school and well-worn hand-me-downs from dads, uncles and others, Billy and Hobson spared no effort to find the perfect shirt of their dreams.  In the end, unable to track down this elusive prize, they did what any two enterprising young men would do…they set out to design and make it on their own.

In a world of Southern Prep and East Coast Classic, Criquet has an easygoing, fun-loving Austin spirit all its own. Criquet looks at classic style with a fresh set of eyes.  Their take on style and lifestyle, combined with a commitment to quality and a quest to make the best damn shirts possible has made them one of the rising stars in the apparel space.

Note:  Criquet was an investment made by members of the Consumer Ventures team while at CircleUp. Consumer Ventures continues to serve as an advisor to Criquet.

Criquet Website