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Alder Apparel

Company: Alder Apparel

Category: Current, E-Com / DTC, Outdoor / Apparel

Location: Toronto, Canada

Founded by National Geographic Explorer Mikayla Wujec and fashion marketing leader Naomi Blackman, alder was created in Toronto, Canada. Naomi and Mikayla met as childhood friends and shared similar frustrations with outdoor clothing options for women. With their combined backgrounds they knew they could make something better so they created Alder Apparel.

Alder Apparel offers inclusive sizing, community-informed design, sustainable and ethical production, and a playful brand that starkly contrasts with the performance-driven, hard-core athletic brands that currently dominate the outdoor space. Alder believes that outdoor recreation = happiness and the outdoor industry should be focused on fun, not exclusively performance and be a real leader in inclusivity, diversity and sustainability.

We Raised a Seed Round (Press Release)
Alder Apparel, led by Canadian female duo, raises $2 million seed round to grow inclusive, sustainable outdoor apparel brand.

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