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Pod Foods

Company: Pod Foods

Category: Current, E-Com / DTC, Food / Bev, Tech Enablement

Location: San Francisco, CA

Their story started with a cookie company…

In 2014, Fiona Lee and Larissa Russell (the Pod Foods co-founders) started a cookie company called Green Pea Cookie. They carried boxes, they mixed dough, they stickered packaging, they baked with their hearts and souls until 2AM…they get it. Like so many of the brands in the Pod Foods catalog, Fiona and Larissa were faced with a common distribution dilemma: they could self-distribute to a limited set of direct retail accounts, or they could attempt to work with the big traditional distributors with their high cost and opaque operations.

Three years later, Fiona and Larissa decided to stop making cookies and create a tech-enabled grocery supply chain designed for emerging brands first. They needed Pod Foods, so they created it. In nature, a pod creates an environment for peas to grow and thrive, and that’s what they are doing for emerging brands. The Pod Foods distribution platform is always improving as they grow alongside their brands and retailers — this is their dedication and our mission.

The Pod Foods platform consists of the following:

Full-service B2B Marketplace
Pricing and Promotions Tools
Inventory, Order, and Fulfillment Management
Delivery, Invoicing, and Customer Service
Real-time Data and Analytics

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